Occasions of 1399

Occasions of 1399

Version v5.0
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The program ahead of you, New Year's Eve 1399, is set to inform you of New Year's Eve in a variety of ways and with a smooth environment that you can enjoy enough to install.

Some parts of the program are as follows:

- The moment of delivery in 99 countries

- Color of year 1399

- The animal of the year 1399

- New Year's animal profile

- New Year's Animal Characteristics

- Born with this animal and ...

Astronomical Events of 1399

- 1399 official holiday with video calendar

- Characteristics of the first day of the year (Nowruz) based on famous books

- Official and informal occasions of the year 1399 with video calendar

- 10 beautiful sets of calendar background for year 1399 with 10 beautiful and different designs very beautiful quality for PC and phone

- Official Geophysical Calendar of 1399 in PDF format

- Calendar section at a glance with beautiful designs and quality

* Description of this section: The calendars in this section are of high quality

Where the official holidays are mentioned along with the holiday title

, Which can make anyone who is liked

Save and use them for color printing.

- Explanation and full introduction of important events of 1399

- Religious occasions of year 1399 with visual calendar

- Calendar slider with 5 different calendar designs for 1399 with occasions mentioned

- Description and description section of different calendars

- Another possible lawyer with a smooth and user-friendly environment

May the year 99 be a good and blessed year for all of us. Amen

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