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Modirbaar is intelligent system for carrying goods - shipping, cargo - cargo handling in Mashhad.

If you own a load or a driver or want to move your loads in Mashhad, this Android app will help you easily connect with the drivers or the owner of the goods and the load.

Facilities for the owner:

You can import your product and address in the admin app, the backup and expert admins were instantly in touch with you and confirm your profile. This app is completely free. Loaders and licensed drivers have the opportunity to benefit from site services and admin applications.

Why admin

- Easy to use: Register and track your order in just a few simple steps, every hour of the day, anywhere around Mashhad.

- Suitable prices: The most prominent feature of the management board is the fair price, in addition to assuring you of your burden. With admin, Bartan's management is simple and easy.

- Quick communication with the driver

Earn money for marketers:

Become a partner with introducing our transportation services brokerage service.

We just need to provide our services to the general public including: friends, acquaintances, owners of the bar (barge, home furnishing), both inside and outside the city, factory managers, car owners, heavy vehicle drivers, pickups, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks and trucks. Introduce and pay for any shipping carried out by these individuals in the future. You can have your own identifier to issue the associated load factor on your behalf.

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