Miracle honey and cinnamon

Miracle honey and cinnamon

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*In the name of Allah*

The famous magazine named Weekly World Canada 95 diseases that have been cured by honey and cinnamon is named.

Many people claim that drinking 2 times a day (morning and evening) honey is effective in weight loss. There is a scientific truth to this claim.

Here I have for you, all kinds of scientific and traditional treatments that have thus I collected the honey was spent.

health and fitness but also has medicinal properties.

Several property and novel mixes:

Treatment of arthritis

 Hair loss

Toothache Treatment

Cold Treatment

Treatment of heart disease

Treatment of skin conditions (acne and acne scars)

Reducing weight and increasing longevity!

Honey recognize quality when buying

And ....

After using a variety of methods Miracle Mix honey and youth not miss

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