Full Test (Psychological tests)

Full Test (Psychological tests)

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Full Test (Psychological tests)

Full Test (Psychological tests)

نسخهٔ 1.6.1
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دسته‌بندی Medical
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آخرین بروزرسانی 2022 April 16
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This is the greatest application in order to psychological tests. The application so called FullTest consist of a lot of certificated tests which are confirmed by Kanon Moshaveran Iran.

Test of psychology and optimism of depression

Anxiety and personality testing

Marriage age test for premarital psychology

Psychological test of the brain's active hemisphere

Psychological Testing and Self-Confidence Self-confidence

Psychology, counseling and family testing * Understanding life *

Personality and psychology tests * Interesting colors

Personality Test "Favorite Animal"

Love test

What kind of psychological test do you have?

How nice is your candidate

Test honesty

Test the amount of annoyance

Animal Testing

Personality test with musical instrument

Successful home testing

Parenting Test

Intelligence Test

Work success test

Mental Health Testing

Test the amount of happiness

Test your kindness

Success test

Character Recognition test

Healthy family testing and marital life

Child lightness test

Life expectancy test

Social utility test

Testing relationships between families

Interpersonal Relations Testing

Marriage Test and Opponent Sex

Islamic lifestyle test

Color test

Vibration testing and personality testing

Intimate Testing between Spouses

Test of happiness

Coming Soon:

Marital satisfaction test

Marriage test and the positive feelings of the wives

Bias test

Individual test failed

Mental Health Testing

website of application: http://fulltest.ir/

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