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Every day, the number of people who realize that emotional intelligence plays a more important role than general intelligence in the personal success of a person's job. The Frequency Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire developed by Roanne Bar and its 2006 edition is one of the most useful psychometric tools, in fact, is intended to measure the set of capabilities, competencies and non-cognitive skills that is based on The person's ability to succeed in coping with requests and environmental pressures. The key factors that this questionnaire assesses are emotional, emotional and social functions that lead to psychological well-being.

The questionnaire does not measure personality traits and instead emphasizes individual performance and talent for performance.
Their results and their interpretation
By completing this questionnaire, you will receive a complete overview of five main dimensions and subcategories as well as a total score in comparison to the national standard and national norm. Which will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses and plan to improve them.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the pattern of this questionnaire measures more talent for performance than real person performance (talent for success as a success). In this sense, to succeed in the areas of emotional intelligence (which includes almost all of our lives), this talent must flourish and work. Emotional intelligence is taught.

Based on this assessment, you can richer your personal development plan.


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