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In Hachure, we believe that the implementation of drawing ideas needs to know the principles of drawing. Therefore, learning these principles can simplify the implementation of various design ideas.

as can for literacy and writing, we need to remember the letters to make words and sentences, there is an alphabet for drawing education too. by remember these letters, users can do their ideas like writing, with practice and without the need for a model, more powerful and beautiful.

The learning principle in Hachure is based on observation and remembering the tips that told in each lesson, and then exercising and repeating. Learning this alphabet in a very simple and easy way involves interactive content which is presented in the form of training, observation, and practice. This new method of teaching with the drawing alphabet is first presented in the global arena.

It has been attempted to present lessons at various levels so that users can use this program at any level of drawing skill. The lessons are presented in a variety of topics, with a format like a video. In addition, when learning the lessons, important points are presented interactively. By repeatedly reviewing each lesson and learning the principles of drawing, you can practice with pen and paper or other tools and then draw your ideas mentally, without using the model and enjoy them.


  • Quick and easy tutorial for all levels

  • Presentation of drawing letters in a new way

  • Provide interactive lessons in a playable format (like video) and low volume

  • Teaching the topics that are important in the artistic dimension

  • Learn how to draw each subject in different situations for complete learning

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