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Rangin-Kaman & Baran Library app

Note: This application is for the citizens of Semnan only. 

A Tool for Accessing Rangin-Kaman & Baran Library Books 

Some program features:

Free use for all children and teenagers in Semnan 

Get free order books and home 

See the Rangin-Kaman's & Baran's Library Directory 

View details and details of each book

Possibility to register book orders and receive books from the courier library

Ability to view categories of books 

Ability to add books to favorites 

Possibility to rating for books 

And other functional facilities for members of the Rangin-kaman & Baran Library 

Note: Possibility of sending orders for books is provided only for citizens of Semnan.

more explain:

Rangin-Kaman & Baran is a new attitude to the book's delivery to the citizens of the child, adolescent, young, and study enthusiasts. Due to some restrictions on visiting the library, and the lack of access to sources of study, the Rangin-kaman & Baran book is available to the citizens of Semnan for the sake of the house.

In the Rangin-Kaman & Baran Library, the book is ordered through the mobile application and delivered instead of the library behind the door. Studies have shown that Rainbow Library has had a huge impact on the per capita increase in the study of the Semnan children and adolescent group.

Membership in this library is free and suitable for all ages.

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Upgrade and improve user interface

Supports Android 4.0 and above

Improve the various processes in the app

Possibility to enter the application with account code and mobile number

Fix some bugs


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