Move apps to SD

Move apps to SD

Version 19.62.21.FULL
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The program "Move apps to SD" to easily transfer all your apps to the memory card has no time to install your favorite nasheed faced with the problem of memory.

Do you have full memory of your device and install a program that you can not suffer anymore? The program that we have prepared for you will never be confronted with the full memory message
With this program you can program the device to the memory card and vice versa transfer me and there is no limit to transfer.
*** One important note: for the correct operation of the program should Bashh.agr your device rooted your device is rooted, you can install all applications on the device (even programs that do not have a license installed on the memory card) on the card Bdyd.dr transfer memory device is not rooted, you can only transfer the programs installed on the memory card's license with me. (In that case, you do not need to buy the program) Note that for the root management system, make sure the program Super SU Knyd.agrayn install program is not installed on your machine, you can not use the program for free from the root of the devices available in the market.

Dear friends, if ye have trouble using the app, please before giving negative comments, email me to make sure I feel quite Help percent understand your problem was resolved.

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