Letters of Nahjul Balagha

Letters of Nahjul Balagha

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in the name of god,

This software includes all Nahjul Balagha's Letters in Arabic, English and persian languages.
The program is fully trilingual. At the beginning the user can choose the desired language to open preferred screen in selected language.
Also the user can choose the Letters in which languages should be displayed.
With a progressive search method users can search throughout the Letters with three languages.
We tried to have an eye-catching design so the user continue using it without fatigue.
The users can create a favorite list of Letters and also share the saying in all three languages or separately.
This program uses the latest version of Android(7) and support Android 4 and upper.

In the current program,Seyed Alireza's translation  has been used for English translation and Dr. Shahidi, Ayatollah Makarem, Dr Ayati, Ansarian, Dashti's translations  and Dr. Ghaemi's Nahjol- Balagha interpretation have been used for Persian translation.
Preparation,designing and development of Android version have been done by Esfandone group.
android version.

برای مشاهده توضیحات فارسی، زبان "بازار" را به فارسی تغییر دهید.

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