Ayat al-karsi Stage learning

Ayat al-karsi Stage learning

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Learn ayat al-kermani in less than a week

A program for those who are interested in memorizing and learning Ayat Al-Kirisa and want to access it everywhere.

The preservation of the verse of al-karsī is gradual in this program and the three verses (255-256-257) in Baqara's chapter are divided into seven stages, which teaches these verses in audio and visual form and enables you to learn according to You can remember these verses in a maximum of 7 days and at least 3 days.

The features of this gossip include:

Ayat-e-Al-Kerim's Voice with the Voice of the Qarin Chesosh of the World and Iran (Voice Training)

-Analysis children's video tutorials with correct pronunciation (video tutorials)

- Ayatolkersi's beautiful and beautiful video (video tutorials)

-Results on Ayat Al-Kursi from text and translation to features and benefits and ... This verse (about Ayat Al-Kursi)

-In the calendar of 1397 solar calendar (calendar 1397)

We hope that Ayat Al-Kerisai's blessings will be well received and that this program will meet all the needs of the Ayat Al-Kerisi guardians. Please provide any suggestions and comments you have to improve this app.


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