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PC, Mobile, Internet

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Basic computer training, Internet and Mobile

Computer and Internet ♠ ♠

♦ secret key Windows eight
♦ troubleshooting the computer in minutes
 ♦ Wi-Fi signal amplification
♦ tricks for Mac users
♦ speed up PC performance
♦ Increase the speed to copy or not to copy the same files
♦ access to the locked folder in Windows 7
♦ remove ads and spam from Google results
♦ find the location and characteristics of an IP
♦ Password Forgot WiFi
♦ lock the keypad without using software.
♦ reinstatement of the emailed in Gmail
♦ Master Firefox with this trick you
♦ encrypted flash drive without software
♦ Gmail tricks that they Bykhbryd
♦ Avoid opening ads in the browser


♣ ♣ Android tricks
♦ tutorial to jailbreak stable
♦ video tutorials on making Apple (Apple ID)
♦ Creating an Apple ID for free at iTunes
♦ practical ways to reduce the consumption of mobile Internet
♦ tips that every user should know Apple products
♦ Tips to protect phone charger
♦ How to take screenshots of your phone or tablet?
♦ Persian language phone
♦ training schedule Cell Phone Conversation
♦ necessary measures after buying a new Android device
♦ important safety tips and using a mobile phone
 ♦ increase battery life on Android smartphones
♦ tricks iPhone certainly do not know
♦ how to eliminate scratches on the phone?
♦ simple way to optimize the speed of Android that are less familiar with.
♦ Picture your mobile phone and tablet on your TV!
♦ All tasks from your mobile phone to keep a button!
♦ speed up mobile recharge to 92%
♦ turn your phone into S5
♦ How soaked phone to save?

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