Sigma - Data Manager 3G/4G/WiFi

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Version 1.21


Sigma is a high quality and different app for easy purchasing of 3G/4G packages and also observes Mobile Data and WiFi usage. Sigma monitors the use of the mobile Internet and gives you the necessary warnings with volume settings which you set the for package. So use Sigma to prevent the use of the Internet with free tariffs.


- On some phones, especially some HUAWEI models, you need to activate "Run In Background" when installing the application.


- Buy data packages for MCI, Irancell and Rightel with just a few clicks

- Activate purchased data packages

- Define and activate custom packages with arbitrary values

- Ability to set the time for the program to alert, in terms of the amount of credit remaining and the amount of time consumed by the package

- View the momentary consumption of the main volume and Active Night Package

- View the amount of Internet usage on the Internet and WiFi on the current day and the days left

- Separation of the volume of the main volume and the volume of the night

- View the last 30 days usage report for Mobile and WiFi

- View apps usage report on Android 6 and later for today, last week and last month, divided by Mobile and WiFi.

- View history of activated packages

- View the speed of mobile and WiFi Internet and current day consumption in the Notification Bar.

* Media Reflection:

* Sigma is the most complete and precise Internet management and control application, and it is recommended that every Android user using the Internet use Sigma to monitor Internet usage and save costs.

* You can support Sigma developers by introducing Sigma to your friends and rating.

** In case of any questions regarding the functionality of the program or the occurrence of a problem, to facilitate and expedite your response, please do not ask your question in the comments field and contact


Version 1.21 :

- Notification lag fixed

- Report page error fixed

- MCI packages updated

Version 1.17 :

- Fix a minor bug

Version 1.16 :

- Displaying notification for android 8 fixed

Version 1.15 :

- Package editing fixed

Version 1.14 :

- Problem of displaying packages fixed

- Speed notification settings fixed

- New MCI packages added

Version 1.13 :

- Packages of all three operators updated

- Problem of calculating overnight consumption fixed

- Battery usage Optimization

- Minor ui changes


  • prevent device from sleeping
  • update component usage statistics
  • run at startup
  • control vibration
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • view network connections
  • read phone status and identity
  • directly call phone numbers
  • full Internet access

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