Vedic Healing Mantra - Meditation, Chanting

Vedic Healing Mantra - Meditation, Chanting

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Vedic Healing Mantra - Meditation, Chanting

Vedic Healing Mantra - Meditation, Chanting

Spiritual Wellness Revolution Pvt. Ltd.
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This is a guided meditation app powered by mantras and mudras(hand yoga) that is based on ancient Vedic knowledge and wisdom. The app offers you unique 48+ mantas, mudras and meditation techniques for dealing with 48+ types of diseases including chronic and terminal illnesses.

Compiled by our ancient seers and sages, thousands of years ago, these mantras are powerful sound vibrations that are capable of stimulating certain glands, nerves, energy centres and altering vibrations in every molecule and cell of your body. Each sound has a distinct vibration and energy and hence each mantra has a different effect. As a result a person with any health problem experiences a profound healing effect.

Mudra vigyan or science of yoga mudras involves simple hand positions or gestures to energise different parts of the body and help to allow flow of prana throughout the system. According to Ayurveda, diseases are caused by lack or excess of any of the five elements – air, fire, water, earth and ether that causes imbalance in the body. The use of mudras directs the flow of energy in a way that balances the five elements and thus facilitates healing.

It is said that a positive state of mind has a positive impact on your body. The root of an illness is in the mind. Meditation is a powerful tool that helps in clearing your mind from negativity, anxiety, worry and other conflicts. When your mind is totally calm, alert and contented, it drives your body to perform better. Which is why, in meditation healing happens. Meditation prevents stresses from entering your body system. When you meditate, you can silently use mantras to stay connected to the breath and the practice.

The Vedic Healing Mantra App has brought the best of mantra, mudra and meditation techniques that are neatly combined to give you desired health outcomes. These ancient techniques when used in the right combination can give you a renewed sense of well-being and a new lease of life.

We are in times where we juggle multiple roles to meet the challenges of everyday life. The Vedic Mantra Healing App is designed to bring you good health, happiness, harmony as well as spiritual growth in an easy format that will help you connect with your core and make you feel balanced and complete through mantra, mudra and meditation.
So, stay connected, feel safe and be healthy.

Find Mantra Mudra and Meditation techniques for Good Health and Disease.

-Good Health
-Stress & Depression
-Blood Pressure
-Digestive Problems
-Deep Sleep
-Long Life
-Brain And Lungs
-Constipation & Gas
-Joint Pain
-Allergy & Infections
-Eye Problems
-TB, Typhoid, Pneumonia
-Anger Management
-Heart & Blood
-Cough & Cold
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Infectious Diseases
-Venereal Diseases
-Skin Problems
-Stammering Or Lisping
-Vascular System
-Oral Health
-Uterine Problems
-Mental Peace
-Night Fall
-Aids & Cancer

Powerful Mudras Included

-Abhaya Mudra
-Ashwini Mudra
-Gyan Mudra
-Surya Mudra
-Vayu Mudra
-Dhyana Mudra
-Agnisar Kriya
-Pran Mudra
-Shunya Mudra
-Shankh Mudra
-Brahma Mudra
-Akash Mudra
-Ling Mudra
-Mahasirs Mudra
-Samaan Mudra
-Sanjeevani Mudra

Exclusive Features
-48 Guided Meditation
-Free library of 48 Diseases, 48 Mantras-Mudras
-Mantras in both audio and video formats
-Can set the counter to listen as per your wish
-Set Mantra as a Ringtone
-Set Mantra as an Alarm
-Set Aartis as a Ringtone
-Make Playlist of your favorite Mantras and Aartis
-Make your Schedules for Aartis and Mantras
-Watch expert videos
-Mudras in GIF formats included
-Blog and playlists along with share button
-100 % free app

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