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Easy Sheetting Book with Sheet Software
The Educational Aid Sheet accompanies the student's progress in learning and studying in a new, creative way through the end of study.
The sheet tries to serve as a friend and aided help with students of teachers and parents.
The sheet of experience has collected and taught many years of teacher training for the country.
This app is not only useful to students, but also for teachers and parents, as well as many benefits.
Sheet app features
* No need for a private tutor: The program sheet serves as your 24 hour private tutor and teaches you textbooks as often as you want.And it requires parents to spend a lot on the private teacher for a limited time
* Increasing the experience of teachers: Teaching lessons has been done by the best teachers in the country and teachers can use this opportunity to increase their experience and always be up to date.
* Do not Get Teachers Asked Questions: Teachers can use their sample quiz and courier questions that can be downloaded in pdf format. They can spend time writing a question. Easily send students a book or several books. Take the shortest exam time.
* Assessing academic achievement: Parents and even their students can use their online tests, sample questions and courier to measure their academic achievement and get acquainted with their strengths and weaknesses.
* Detailed design of the questions: The questions are designed to cover all the contents of the book and the student can use it to get a great score on the exams.
* Teaching page to page: The first sheet of software is the presentation of page-to-page tutorials.
* Fluent and eye-catching interface: Categorization of books as an academic grade and the ability to insert suggestions and critiques for each lesson and question with the ability to liken the content.
* Advanced content with filtering capabilities
* Receive and view textbooks for free and avoid the high cost of buying a book.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why use this software?
This software is similar to similar software at a much lower price and with more features than other software.
What are the sample questions?
Examples of questions are quadrupled and detailed and designed by the specialist teacher of the same lesson and presented in pdf format. Sample questions are updated every month and the latest questions are put.
What is a courtesy?
A courier or courier is a collection of questions collected from all the books read during the week or month and published in pdf format every Friday.
What are the lessons of teaching?
Lessons are taught by the top teachers of the country, both on the page and on the page and on the lesson, and you do not need to listen to a whole page for a lesson.
How to earn points in shape?
Earn points by filling in specifications, inviting friends, commenting on books and files, buying and activating the user.

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