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Learn Java

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★ Learn Java ⋙ Specially Designed for Beginners ⋙ from little drops ★

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New App Launched for Java Programs, You can download here.

🌷New Features🌷
✔ Bookmark Option
✔ Settings for Customizing font size and Full Screen Mode
✔ Flat and Fully Refreshed Optimized UI
✔ Java 8 Based Tutorials
✔ Improved Navigation and Content Format
✔ Full Offline Content - No Need Internet
✔ New Part Java Idea Bubbles(Beta) for Quick Learners and OOPS Concepts

This application will help you to learn Java programming language. This application is very useful for all type of learners.This application covers Java Basics, Full Java Tutorials, Java Programs,Java Quiz,Java Exercises,Java Glossary and most of the programming concepts of Java, which will be very useful for you to move further in java programming.

🌷Full Offline Content - No Need Internet🌷

★ Java Basics Topics:
✠ 1 Java Overview
✠ 2 History
✠ 3 Practices
✠ 4Syntax
✠ 5 Examples
✠ 6 Special classes
✠ 7 Criticism
✠ 8 Use by external companies
✠ 9 Class libraries
✠ 10 Documentation and Editions

★ Java Basics and Functions
✠ Overview: The Mental Landscape
✠ Basics and Data Types
✠ Control Statements
✠ Functions and Subroutines

★ Classes and GUI
✠ Objects and Classes
✠ Introduction to GUI Programming

★ Arrays and Data Structures
✠ Arrays
✠ Correctness, Robustness, Efficiency
✠ Linked Data Structures and Recursion
✠ Generic Programming and Collection Classes

★ Advanced Programming
✠ Advanced Input/Output: Streams, Files, and Networking
✠ Threads and Multiprocessing
✠ Advanced GUI Programming

★ Java Quiz
★ Java Programs
★ Java Exercises
★ Java Glossary (Java Dictionary) - Contains definition for Java keywords,concepts and etc.

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