Smash Bottle

Smash Bottle

Version 1.2
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Let's smash the bottle!

When we take the subway, while we were waiting for the bus, when we are waiting for girlfriend, do you want a game, or application to help you to pass the time? Then join us to smash the bottle. 

Our game has a variety of bottle, and bottle broken voice is also very realistic. The game is very simple, just click the bottle on the screen and it would explode. 

Of cause, in order to alleviate the day's fatigue, we added the soothing background music, may help you remove the waiting time. Meanwhile, this small application can help you vent anger. Yes, hear the sound of the wine glasses, everyone will feel to vent. 

The biggest feature of our game score never reset, you can keep it higher and higher. 


Release and pass the time.
Fit in any place to play
The score never reset

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