angry birds puzzle

angry birds puzzle

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Hello, dear companions of Bazaar Cafe

I hope you are well; Today we brought a game for fans of the famous cartoon Angry Birds

Angry Birds Puzzle is a great fun and great game with which you can challenge your mind and test your speed with the rest of your friends and experience the most difficult puzzle with this game.

All pictures of angry birds that you can puzzle and compete with your friends to solve the puzzle sooner.

You can even take pictures of whatever you want with your phone and puzzle it

So do not miss the opportunity and install this game right now

Some game features:

More than 100 diverse puzzles

Choose the difficulty level and puzzle accuracy from 16 to 256 pieces

Choose the type of puzzle (classic, square, etc.)

Ability to take photos with the camera and turn into puzzles

And dozens of other options

I hope you guys like this game

Please introduce us to your friends

And encourage us with your comments

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حتمن نصب کنید من ۵ ستاره بهش ميدم
امیررضا عقبایی
پرسی از سازندش ؛ ی عالمه پازله ک بابد درستشون کنین ۲۵۶ قطعه اش خیلی سخته 😶