Foolad Sanat

Foolad Sanat

Version 1.0.1
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Foolad Sanat mobile application has been developed in order to represent precise information about this company's products. In accordance with taking care of customer rights, and improving the communication facilities, in addition to supporting standard features of a well-developed application such as changing the font size, contact form and bug report form,  we have prepared an inquiry list submission feature.
Using the aforementioned feature, you can easily take a picture of your inquiry list and send it to the sales department.

Another beneficial feature of this application is the offline availability of contents, which means that any content that has been previously visited by a user, would be available in case of not having the Internet connection. Besides, users are able to share the contents of each product.

In order to enrich the application, we have embedded an interactive Google map on contact us page, so that our customers would be able to stay in touch with us more easily.

We are going to add more features like "Weight Calculation" in near future versions.

- Modern and elegant user-interface
- Facility of using application's features
- Representation of precise information about company's products with related images
- Changing font's size
- Contact form
- Bug report form
- Inquiry list submission
- Making visited contents offline
- Interactive Google map

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