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3sootjobs is a job search platform that allows candidates and employers to contact each other directly and even have online interviews.

3sootjobs is the fastest and easiest way to find your ideal job.

Job seekers can insert their information immediately into the application, and the algorithm will provide them with the best possible job opportunities.

Employers may also post jobs so that the algorithm can pick the most suitable candidate.

If the two parties are interested, they have the opportunity to speak online and 3sootjobs will provide them with the platform to discuss the job without wasting time or spending money on transportation costs.

3sootjobs covers 285 cities in Iran and job seekers can search for employment in their preferred city.

After the information is inserted, the right job opportunities will be presented in a box. Job seekers swipe the box to the right if they are interested in a particular vacancy, or to the left if they are not.

Employers are also presented with a box, which they also swipe right or left depending on their interest in the job seeker.


Jobs are categorized as below:


Financial and accounting

Beauty and health


HR and administrative

Engineering and graphic design

Information technology

Sales and marketing


Most job categories have been indicated in these sections and applicants can chose the vacancies they are interested in, taking into consideration their employment and educational background.


When listing their skills, users can easily take advantage of advice from 3sootjobs HR experts who have years of experience. Listing skills more efficiently will increase the chances that the right match is made.


3sootjobs respects your privacy and you can hide your profile picture and information until you find the job you like.


In the event that you have any questions or queries while using the site or application, please don’t hesitate to contact the 3sootjobs help desk.


Phone number: 00982188507910

Email: support@3sootjobs.com




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