A4baz Specialists | متخصصین آچارباز

A4baz Specialists | متخصصین آچارباز

Version k.65.1
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Last Update 2023 August 30
A4baz Specialists | متخصصین آچارباز

A4baz Specialists | متخصصین آچارباز

Version k.65.1
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2023 August 30
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What is A4baz?

It’s a customer service system that offers more than 200 types of services at the customer's location .currently these services are only available in Tehran and Karaj.

From TV repair to car tire replacement, from home cleaning to printer repair, it’s all done in the Acharbaz.

So, definitely you have a skill to make money by A4baz in your free times.

We are waiting for you.


What are the advantages of working with A4baz?

1.   Just focus on your skill.

A4baz does official works, advertising, marketing, and so on.

2.   Flexible work hours

You can work without restriction at any time from 8:30 am to 9pm.

3.   Choose your workplace by yourself.

You can choose the services that are suitable for you.

4.   You will have enough income.

We offer you enough work to book your whole day.

5.   Your income will be paid on time.

Your income will be deposited into your account three times a week.

6.   You have responsive supporters

The A4baz supporter in the Operations section will answer your questions.


Install this app right now and complete your information.

We will call you for registration .



We are looking for experts in the following areas:

·        Heating and cooling services (Air conditioner, evaporative cooler, heating package and water heater)

·        Electrical & Electronics (Building Electricity, Building Lighting, Ducting and Tracking, Connection Fixing, iPhone Installation and Fuse and Panel Installation)

·        Phone & Internet (Phone Troubleshooting, Panasonic telephone Installation)

·        Car services (grease and filter replacement, car repair, brake pad replacement, charging and air conditioner service)

·        Car Wash (Car Wash, Nano Car Wash, Wax & Polish)

·        Home Appliances (Vacuum Cleaner & iron)

·        Kitchen Appliances (Oven, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Steamer, Cooker, Tea Maker, Coffee Maker, Meat Grinder, Electric masher, Sandwich Maker, , Juice maker, food processor)

·        Audio and video (TV, home theater and DVD player)

·        Personal stuff (Shaver, Epilator, watch, Electric Toothbrush & Hairdryer)

·        Building painting

·        Cleaning services (home cleaning, building cleaning, office cleaning)

·        Security & Network (Network Setup, Servicing and Maintenance of Server and Other Network Equipment)

·        CCTV and Alarm

·        Mobile and Tablet

·        Laptops and computers

·        Digital Accessories (Phone, Game Console, Speaker & Headphone)

·        Office Machines (Printer, Scanner, Plotter, Copier & Cartridge Charger)

·        …


Website address: https://a4baz.com

Acharbaz Twitter Channel: https://www.twitter.com/a4baz

A4 baz Instagram Channel: https://instagram.com/a4baz

Achar baz Telegram Channel: https://t.me/a4baz

A4baz Support Center: 021- 54591600

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