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Ganjineh is a valuable and chosen collection of islamic books which they are some of the greatest references of SHIA muslims all around the world.
These valuable collection includes
----- * Quran * Nahj-Albalqe * Sahife-Sajjadieh * Mafatih-Al-Janan * Resaleh-Amalieh * -------
Some features of Ganjineh that can be named are such as:

• Ability to choose and support four language as default language(English,Spanish,Persian and Arabic).
• Supporting different kinds of font in User’s preferred size for arabic content and translation,separately.
• Having lists for each book separately in order to easy acces to books contents. also search possibility on each list.
• ability to mark every verse in books as user’s favorite.
• User can put a note on every verse of the book.
• ability to share every verse Using Email or sms.
• Users can put bookmark on each book separately.
download and playing every Surah voices with different reciter.
• Fast & easy access to particular Hezb or Joz or to a Surah with preferred number.
• Fast & easy access to favorite marked contents or notes separately.
• ability to search all over the book.
• One of the Special and most important features of Ganjineh, that distinguishes itself from any other similar app is: Ending Quran.


Ganjineh Version 2.0

• Add new download manager for managing downloading and downloaded sounds
• Change and renew Data Base completely
• Improve performance and stablitiy in many part of the app
• Possibility of sharing multi section of a book
• Increase performance of search in all books
• Add possibility of send an opinion
• Add new Reciters
• Reduce size of the app
Attention :
As we made many changes in app you must remove ganjineh app and all it's folders from your device before installation therefor all favorites and notes will remove after that but this wouldn't appear in next versions.


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