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The Cafe Lebas, a new way to live!
The Cafe Lebas is a comprehensive tool to manage and use your clothes in the best way. You can add your clothes to the app by capturing their photo or designing them in the exclusive clothing designing tool of the app. Change a clothing's state (ready to use, needs washing, needs ironing and etc.). Add your future events and assign them clothes. Additionally you can add reminder notifications to these events.

Who is this program for?
- People who love a regular and planned life
- People who are dandy or like to be so
- People who want to manage time
- People who are looking for an app with a flexible notifications system

5 question that will be answered by this app:
What clothes I have? What to wear? Where will I go? What to do? What I wore?

Key features:
- Add your clothes and add different tags to them
- Take clothing's photo or design it in the exclusive clothing designing tool of the app
- Choose clothing's status that will be used in different parts of the app
- Add events (e.g Party, Meeting, Travel and etc.) and assign clothes and notifications to them
- See when you wore a clothing or a clothing set
- Define regular events (e.g. Weekly classes, monthly meetings and etc.)
- Full and detailed search for the past event and their related clothes
- See your weekly, regular weekly and daily programs according to your defined events and regular events
- Manage your children's clothes and events separately

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