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1. Audio and text book "Please do not stop your success" written by Engineer Amir Bahador Bahari consists of 236 pages and 21 chapters. The book deals with all the topics of success with simple and fluent prose, and at the end of each chapter, practical exercises are included, which in addition to creating a pragmatic spirit in the reader, also prevent the content from being forgotten. The author has reached the peak of the effectiveness of the content in the audience by mentioning appropriate examples and using the words of the elders as well as attractive designs.

2. Goalwriter application: an application for recording and managing goals with the ability to create a photo album for each goal and create a mobile visualization board in time category with the ability to set the time to reach the goal, display the remaining time with a chart, display progress percentage, progress alert Slow, reminds the time to reach the goal and ... as well as the possibility of archiving and maintaining the achieved goals. Writing goals is the most important activity in achieving success.

3. Reminder application: The first specialized reminder with a solar calendar to record and manage all appointments for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with annual, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or even and odd days, etc. to increase efficiency and management. Work and life such as check management, installments, hourly drug consumption, etc.

4. Wake up app: Wake up surprises you every day with a different motivational alarm so that the repetition of the alarm sounds will not make you fall asleep and by showing a motivational sentence, it helps you start a day with energy. Other features: snooze, incremental alarm, select days of the week and ..

5. To-do list application: An application for recording and managing daily tasks with the ability to create priority (ABCD), display in order of priority, color labels, underline the work done and move to the bottom of the list, fast and easy registration to increase efficiency in daily activities .

6. My Successes App: An app for recording and managing successes with the ability to create albums, insert time and unlimited descriptions to increase self-confidence and build positive self-beliefs.

7. Emphasis phrase application: daily display of emphatic phrase with the ability to pronounce the phrase with the voice of the master of the glorious message, daily alert to remind the exercise, manage the list of phrases, add a new phrase to the list and adjust the number of repetitions to use the power of words and Impact on the subconscious mind and the attraction of goals.

8. My Thanksgiving application: An application for recording and managing Thanksgiving with the ability to create a photo album, insert date, category and text for each Thanksgiving to increase life satisfaction and attract more wealth and blessings.

9. Motivational radio application: a complete and free collection of the best motivational music, podcasts, meditation, meditation, techno-sports music and the best categorized success seminars with the ability to create a favorite list, download and play with half price internet.

10. Live TV broadcast application: Live and free broadcast of all national and provincial networks along with the archive of all movies and serials broadcast on TV with half price internet.

11. Media Collection app: A completely free and unique collection of thousands of extremely high quality and attractive photos for your phone background or Instagram story, with smart search categories and tags along with thousands of attractive and quality videos in the size of Instagram story.

12. Motivational TV app: A complete and free collection of the best seminars, podcasts, music videos and the best motivational movies categorized with the ability to create a favorite list, download and play with half price internet.

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قاب موفقیت: مجموعه اپلیکیشن های کاربردی روانشناسی

هر انسانی در زندگی خود اهدافی داره و رسیدن به این اهداف به عوامل درونی و بیرونی مختلفی بستگی داره. قطعا تلاش، پشتکار و نظم برای رسیدن به موفقیت ضروریین، اما متدهای روان شناسی مختلف هم به کمکت میان تا فرآیند سریع تر و راحت تر انجام بشه. تو این مطلب میخوایم به یک مجموعه اپلیکیشن روانشناسی به نام "قاب موفقیت" آشنا بشیم. پس اگه میخوای یه قدم به اهدافت نزدیک تر بشی، در ادامه با من همراه باش و با امکانات کاربردی که این برنامه در اختیارت میذاره آشنا شو.

رسانه چیکاو: اپلیکیشن قاب موفقیت، موفقیت در یک قدمی شما

همه ما به خوبی آگاهیم که برای رسیدن به موفقیت و قله هایی که در زندگی هدف گذاری می کنیم باید تلاش کرده و با سخت کوشی فراوان به اهداف خود برسیم. بی شک بدون تلاش هیچ چیزی محقق نخواهد شد. گام های شما به سوی موفقیت در آخر مطمئنا به ثمر خواهد نشست. اما در این راه باید از ابزار های مختلف برای هموار سازی مسیر موفقیت استفاده کرد تا سریع تر بتوان به مقصد خود نزدیک شد. در این مطلب ما قصد داریم به معرفی اپلیکیشن قابل موفقیت بپردازیم که با کمک آن مسیر را مصمم تر از قبل ادامه خواهید داد. همراه رسانه چیکاو باشید.

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