Wifi Scheduler

Wifi Scheduler

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The Wifi consumes a lot of battery, this is a really, and the main consumption occurs while the system is looking for a network to connect (which happens when we are not connected to a wifi network).

This app attempts to minimize the battery consumption, and does so in a very simple way: turning off the wifi, which translates into a real battery saver.

So, when it detects that the device has been disconnected from a wireless network, and after waiting a reasonable time (configurable), the hardware wifi going to off.

In order to set wifi state the app monitorizes the cell tower in which your device is connected and classifies it statistically the possibility of establishing a wifi connection, enabling or disabling the wifi attending to this possibility.

The application also allows you to add notifications in the status bar, view the history of connections (PRO version), auto disable while airplane mode active, etc.

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