Smart Compass for Android - Compass App Free

Smart Compass for Android - Compass App Free

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 Compass App: Smart Compass for Android: GPS direction finder is gps compass free app for your android device. Digital compass 360 free 2019 is a professional 3d compass in your pocket, when you need it, where you need it and you never know when I might come handy. Digital compass 360 is a real compass, which shows device’s real-time orientation to magnetic compass fields. 3d Compass navigation is the tracking compass which permits you to line your magnet orientation compass free directions by rotating the edge for easier and skilled navigation in marine compass app. Compass App: Smart Compass for Android provides facility to find direction when you travel, hiking or fishing, save your position like parked car, shelter or hotel, and navigate back following the guiding arrow in accurate compass free app.

 Compass App: Smart Compass for Android allows you to convert your phone/tablet into a handy digital compass using device sensors compass in accurate compass navigator with compass widget. Compass cloud direction finder app will find your current direction accurately in compass free direction finder. Digital Compass 360 free for android: Compass Galaxy app helps you to find driving directions from your current location to your destination on the map. My Compass application location tracker tracks the location of my mobile device on the map where ever I go its keep on updating the locations as smart coordinate.

 Compass App: Smart Compass for Android is a GPS route guide which helps you to reach your desired location by using compass cloud. Digital compass 360 is a free navigational instrument which shows four smart coordinate directions. During hiking when lost the way, hiking free compass cloud helps you to find indication for correct direction. Easy compass cloud shows all essentials modes required for day to day compass activities with compass watch. If broken compass, to correct the compass degree point your phone up towards the sky and twist it in a figure 8 option.

 To use Compass App: Smart Compass for Android hold your device flat, use just like real compass. Our accurate compass app work accurately all over the world. Your device must have magnetic sensor to read the earth magnetic compass field. If your device not have magnetic sensor then Compass App: Smart Compass for Android or any other compass app will not work.

Features of Compass App: Smart Compass for Android

 Simple to use like a real compass
 No internet connection required
 Compass steel show real time orientation to magnetic compass fields
 Qibla Compass indicates correct qibla direction
 Magnetic compass shows the value of magnetic field from north
 Digital compass also shows the “Sun Rise and Sun Set” time.
 Smart compass app also gives real time weather updates
 Compass cloud shows directions on map
 Smart compass app gives current location Address.
 Digital compass gives the value of Latitude & Longitude of current location.
 Incredible smooth movements