Best Compass

Best Compass

نسخه ۷.۴
نصب فعال

★ Tested by professional globetrotters ★
★ For true adventurers ★
★ You will never get lost ★
★ Simple and reliable ★

★ This simple, useful compass allows you to take the right course no matter where you are. Now the only thing you need is your own mobile phone!

★ Virtual compass is a navigation instrument which shows four cardinal directions. The application finds your actual position (using GPS) and determines all possible geographical directions.
The aesthetic design of this sleek compass will not distract you from your priorities and will help globetrotters to make their way through many exciting adventures.

★ This smart compass shows not only North, South, East and West but also the azimuth and the angle. We recommend this user-friendly application for all those people who spend their spare time outside.

Its professional look, magnetic and true heading, magnetic declination, measurement of angles, GPS coordinates and location will make using this application a pleasure.

The application also contains a flashlight and map. So you can check your location and the route which you have taken.

Take note! Not every model of smartphone has a magnetic field sensor. If your device does not have one, the application will not work. Sorry for this inconvenience. Contact us ( and we will try to help.

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