Digital Compass: Smart Compass

Digital Compass: Smart Compass

نسخهٔ 3.1.0
Install +2 K
دسته‌بندی Travel & Local
حجم 13 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 10
Digital Compass: Smart Compass

Digital Compass: Smart Compass

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نسخهٔ 3.1.0
Install +2 K
دسته‌بندی Travel & Local
حجم 13 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 10
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For outdoor activities, the digital compass is the most precise and accurate compass for Android. Navigate easily using the direction finder with a user-friendly interface. This navigation app is compatible with all Android devices and ensures a smoother trip. Direction Compass helps in searching and retrieving North, South, East, and West directions, along with latitude and longitude information. It is useful for outdoor activities like camping, road trips, or boating. The smart compass provides valuable information, including weather updates and current location with the permission of users. Additionally, it features a level meter to assess surface level. Get the accurate direction app indicating the four cardinal directions.

How to use?
Make sure your phone is facing the ground. Rotate the bezel until the magnetic needle is centered within the orienting arrow. Check the index line to see the bearing you've just captured.

Important Modes:

Compass Direction Camera:
Navigate with precision using a camera, providing a front-facing view without capturing photos. Easily integrate compass direction information into your exploration for a unique perspective.

Digital Compass:
Compass App for Android displays precise North, South, East, and West directions along with Longitude and Latitude. Simply turn the bezel to let the digital compass determine the direction you are currently facing.

Standard Compass:
The compass is installed in a suitable binnacle with necessary correction mechanisms and equipped with an azimuth reading device for accurate directions.

Weather Compass:
The smart compass displays the weather forecast for the next five days, allowing you to plan for food, clothing, and transportation to your needs.

Telescope Compass:
To quickly focus objects for better measurement, use a telescope camera within the digital compass.

Satellite Compass:
Utilize the satellite compass for precise location instructions, providing destination details at your convenience.

Night Mode:
This feature adjusts the interface to darker tones, making it easier to read directions without causing discomfort.

Key Features of Digital Compass - Smart Compass App:
▪️ Accurate compass shows extremely precise instructions.
▪️ The app shows the current location (longitude, latitude, address).
▪️ Direction compass displays both magnetic and geographic north (true north).
▪️ Camera view for additional functionality.
▪️ Weather forecast and level meter.
▪️ Extremely smooth movement for seamless navigation.
▪️ Satellite and telescope compass.
▪️ Light mode and dark mode.
▪️ View sunset and sunrise times along with magnetic field strength.
▪️ Compatibility with digital formats.
▪️ GPS compass for accurate navigation.

After installation, only a few permissions are necessary for compass navigation. Access to photographs and videos is required, and location and coordinates are utilized to identify your direction.

To read the earth's magnetic field, your device must have a MAGNETIC SENSOR. The Digital Compass app will not function if your smartphone lacks a magnetic sensor.

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