Compass - Digital Compass

Compass - Digital Compass

Version 1.0.12
Install +2 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2021 March 6
Compass - Digital Compass

Compass - Digital Compass

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Version 1.0.12
Install +2 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 9 MB
Last Update 2021 March 6
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A Smart compass is an accurate and precise navigational tool that shows your current position and determines all geographical directions. A Digital Compass for Android pack with magnetic fields, sensor compass, map, and weather details. A Direction compass app was built using the magnetometer inside your device and displaying the heading on the top. Compass 360 is the latest tool for your outdoor activities, Including a hiking compass for camping, travelling, picnics, and boating. The Smart Compass works all over the world. It is an accurate and offline navigation tool.

A Digital Compass is the best navigational instrument that displays directions and degrees on the screen. The Digital Compass app for android provides multiple features. GPS Compass show details about current weather and location updates. The free compass app allows you to share your current location and address with others. Compass offline is the most Accurate app recommended you download the direction compass.

For travel & locals, the digital & accurate Compass app depends on the performance of your device. Easy Compass and direction Indicator works perfectly. It means that your mobile sensors are perfect too. You can move the free compass app anywhere at any time. The Digital Compass free will auto-update four cardinal directions and the current location on the map.

Features of Smart Compass for android:

▪️ Easy to use compass app.
▪️ Display highly accurate directions.
▪️ An accurate compass has smooth movements.
▪️ The magnetic Compass shows the field strength.
▪ Compatible with the digital format.
▪ Add a direction pointer marker and error correction.
▪️ The altitude app shows a highly accurate direction compass.
▪️ Directions Compass displays the value of Latitude & Longitude and current address.
▪️ GPS Compass free provide Flashlight support.
▪️ Support both GPS and Maps.
▪ Easy Compass helps you to share your locations.
▪️ Smart Compass can switch between mph, km, and meter units.
▪️ No internet connection is required.

▪️ Accurate Compass display today's weather with temperature, humidity, wind, and UV index.
▪️ Provides details about sunrise and sunset timings.

Compass Map:
▪️ My Compass is a great tool that displays your location.
▪️ Latitude & Longitude of the area.
▪️ Complete Address

How to use:
Hold your phone parallel to the ground. Directions app will show North, South, East, West, latitude, and longitude Direction.

A few permissions are necessary for compass navigation. Requires access to photos and record videos, is used for camera permission, location information coordinates to find your directions.

Your device must have a MAGNETIC SENSOR inside to read the earth's magnetic field. If your device does not have a magnetic sensor, the Compass free will not work. The phone accuracy becomes unreliable, then flip and move the phone back in pattern two or three times. Give us feedback about theCompass - Digital Compass. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Contact us at:

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