RADAR shop

RADAR shop

Version 4.3.0
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What is Radar’s shop?

With Radar, just like when you're in your store, you can answer customers’ questions and attract them to you.

- You can be in contact with customers directly through chat and photos

- Like online stores, you do not have to constantly change prices and photos

- You can easily tell your business news to customers

-  You will be seen on the map, each time you answer a request

- You can answer the customers wherever you are


Radar’s shop features:

- Showing what you have via photos and explanation within the text

- Answering customer’s questions through text and audio messages and photos

- Understanding what people all around the city need

- Realizing people's opinions about your business

- Finding a workforce


Never miss a chance to be the first.

Experience a new way of selling by downloading Radar’s shop.

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