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Dokkan is a small store cash that can used in different shop and stores. You as owner of a small shop supose than can have a small cash on your cell phone instead of buying an expensive cash and its Accessories. With using of Dokkan you can register daily sales easily, and view the profit of various product in different period of times, and then make true decisions on managing your business and gain more profit. Some of bold features of Dokkan are:

1.Define product groups 

2.Define products in each group without any limitation

3.Use the cell phone's camera to register product barcode

4.define buy and sale price of each product

5.Register sold products by reading the barcode or search the product name

6.View total price of sold product without need to calculator

7.Send invoice to customer by SMS, Email, or social networks

8.View daily sale report

9.Daily,monthly,and yearly report of sale and profit

10.Facility of using the program Simultaneous by a few persons 

One of major benefit of Dokkan is that it does not store data in cell phones memory. Some hazards like as damaging cell phone ,theft, and accidentaly erasing data make cell phones untrustable devices. Dokkan stores its data in a private account on the Cloud environment.

Please inform us with your benefical comment. 

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