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Kid's Desktop

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Kid's Desktop :

A safe environment for your children's fun and games as well as the convenience of damage to the phone for you will bring...

App Description :

It may have happened to you, your beloved child loved to use his lovely apps and games with your phone, But you always worry about the other unwanted apps and the information will damage on your phone, with this app you can give your child a controlled environment and Program requirements put him in this environment and do not worry about nothing,because your child can't be going out from the environment and only the programs runable that you have their permission to use, So feel free to get to your work and let the beloved children enjoy their own apps and games ...

Training :

1- After entering the program, the application settings (upper right), go and choose Required child's apps and add them to the app.
2- To exit the app, hit the eject button and enter a password. 
3- To change background images or add a new image enter into the Settings app.
4- To change your password enter into your application settings.

App functionality :

1- Ability to add and remove desktop apps with a password of your choice.
2- Beautiful and childlike images for desktop background as well as the ability to add other images with your choice.
3- Ability to select unlimited amount of photos to display in the background, that if more than Choose an image for the background, the application automatically each time display an image of them for desktop background and will be that the child will be diversity and vitality, as well as, any time turning the phone will replace the background image.
4- Access to all desktop settings and exit the program with a password only your hand will be posible.
5- If the child is using its own programs, if they are in any way, program or children's games close or restart the phone, the application automatically re-opened and will not allow the child to go to another part of the phone...

*** So feel free to get to your work and let the beloved children enjoy their own apps and games ... ***

Best wishes for your happiness and your beloved children ...

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