Police Motorbike Duty Simulator

Police Motorbike Duty Simulator

نسخه ۱.۲۷
نصب فعال

Become an on-duty police officer and ride a real police motorbike on city streets in the on of the best bike driving simulator game. You're the latest police officer to graduate the academy, it's time to take to the streets with your standard issue city traffic police motorbike.


Witness all the thrills and top speeds of real motorbike driving like never before. With realistic motorbike driving physics, drive police motorbikes the way they're meant to be to be driven. Perform all kinds of amazing motorbike tricks, stunts, and bike movements throughout the huge open world city environment.

Experience for yourself as the best police motorbike rider throughout the city and uphold the law as you turn on your siren catch unlawful traffic drivers committing crimes. Drive real authentic police bikes and siren sounds used to get the real deal in this amazing new simulator driving game.

Experience game features:
- Massive open world, Kilometers or road to drive on!
- Real motorbike driving physics, ragdoll action with each bike crash
- Realistic motorbike driving simulation controls
- High-quality state issue police motorbikes
- Easy to play game control, touch or tilt controls
- Hit top speeds with powerful nitro boosts
- Dynamic police lights and sounds
- HD action camera angles

Uphold the law in missions like:
- Chase down and arrest dangerous drivers
- Find and retrieve stolen money and contraband
- Follow and pursue suspicious vehicles
- Escort important people throughout the city
And a whole load more of exciting police motorbike missions!!

Rev your motorbike engines, put on your motorcycle helmet, put the sirens on blast, and race through the city streets as the newest police officer in the town in the all-new and exciting motorbike game, Police Motorbike Duty Simulator! Available now for free download!

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