Flying Horse Police Chase : US Police Horse Games

Flying Horse Police Chase : US Police Horse Games

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Flying police horse chasing criminals with flying horse riding games. Become a police officer, take a ride over horse to chase criminals & thieves in police games. Flying horse police job is to clean crime city from crimes for city survival in us police chasing games.

Chase and stop gangsters in NY city with us police cop horse games. Mounted horse officers will train you for criminal chase mission with flying horse riding simulation. Complete your chasing games mission and protect crime city from massive destruction in police games. Utilize your police cops to keep an eye over gangsters as police cop officer in horse games. Police powerful horse will take off road ride to chase criminals in horse games. Catching and chasing gangster criminals, robbers, thieves and terrorist as police horse rider and bring them in prison is tough job in criminal escape games.

You are a part of NY police cops with horse simulator. Show your mounted horse riding skills for crime city survival mission with horse chase in police games. It’s a perfect time to pursuit robbers and criminals with horse riding games. Feel the thrill of chasing games with new concept of police horse and win the chasing mission games.

Flying horse police chase : US police horse games key features are:
Flying police horse to chase criminals
Unlock variant flying horses as police horse rider
Extreme counter attack skills to chase
Real gangster city and criminal suspects with police horse
Different missions of city survival and flying horse riding

Download now and give us your feedback & suggestion for making gameplay better for users.

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