Police Bike City Simulator

Police Bike City Simulator

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Want to be a police officer for a day? Ride as fast as you can on real police motorbikes in one of the best motorbike driving simulator game! Ride past traffic at top speed, dodge cars through the city streets, jump off some amazing stunt jumps. Enjoy the thrills and action of being the police, explore all the huge open-world city all for free!

You're the latest recruit out of training and ready to ride the brand new line of official police motorbikes. Fast, agile, and each fitted with super powerful nitro boosts, test drive around the city for hours.

Experience fun like:
►Wide-open world, explore the city!
►Ragdoll physics, crash your bike and see the rider fly off
►Realistic motorbike driving simulation controls
►Easy to play game control, choose from touch or tilt controls
►Hit top speeds with powerful nitro boosts
►Choose from a fine selection of official police officer motorbikes
►Dynamic police lights and sounds

Watch where you driving, if you're not careful and crash into cars or obstacles, you'll end up falling off your bike. Using real-time ragdoll physics, you can see what really happens when falling off your bike. No in-app purchases, totally free!

Come and join in on the fun and play one of the best police bike simulator, experience true fun gameplay in Police Bike City Simulator

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