Army Helicopter Marine Rescue

Army Helicopter Marine Rescue

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Rescue army soldiers to safety in your army copter. Fly real air force copters, army helicopters, and more in a massive open world environment ready to explore; more than 16 km² of area to fly around in!

Take flight in your army helicopter to take part in unique top secret missions to unlock even more military grade aircraft and helicopters and become a professional air force pilot in one of the best army helicopter flying simulator games.

!! Army Helicopter Marine Rescue contains 20 military operations !!

Select you choice of copter from a wide range of realistic military-grade army helicopters! Fly in the cockpit of a hangar full of military copters like AH-64 Apache, Ch-47 Chinook or Mil Mi-8, and more!
Help other soldier marines in danger by being a part time Firefighter. Transport gallons of water and extinguish building and vehicle fires.
Assist and transport army vehicles like broken down tanks and army jeeps, lift heavy objects with a super powerful electromagnet.
Or blow up big road blockades to escort Humvee jeep convoys safely back to base with the Apache helicopter to fire target locking missiles.

Explore everywhere in the densely packed countryside and city areas to locate one of 20 helicopter flying missions, or fly around and do whatever you want. Choose to do whatever you want in one of the best open world army helicopter flying simulator games!
Use the game's helpful mini-map to assist you with missions spots, expand by tapping on it.

Example of missions :
- Search and rescue: use your helicopter to rescue stranded soldiers
- Firefighter: collect water and extinguish the village building fires.
- Transport vehicles: transports tanks and Humvees with powerful electromagnets
- Blow up road blocks to protect travelling military convoys
- Get the ammunition cargo at the top of mountains
- Training your helicopter skills with flying courses
- Go through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
- Escort five star generals to secret destinations
- Fire rockets to take out dangerous criminals in tanks
- Landing on a moving container ships
- Locate stolen cargo at night using night vision

Features :
- Huge desert open world environment
- Realistic helicopter flying simulation
- Realistic helicopter flight physics
- High quality military choppers, used in actual army tours
- Dynamic camera angles
- Easy to play flight controls, use touch and tilt controls!

Play without lag with easy to adjust quality slider in pause menu.

This game offers massive open world for the best helicopter flight simulator games! Fly and rescue injured and trapped army marine soldiers in the huge detailed open city. Perform top secret military missions and experience a true flying simulator, and have fun! The most realistic army helicopter flying simulation you'll ever experience, Army Helicopter Marine Rescue!

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