ATV Trolley Animal Rescue Mission

ATV Trolley Animal Rescue Mission

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Show the care of pet animals and wild animals in grand animal rescue operation in this animal rescue games. Start duty to rescue injured animal from accident place and take them to the nearest animal hospital in ATV Trolley Animal Rescue Mission. You also have to transport animals and pets from safari zoo to the veterinary hospital on atv bike trolley. Your atv trolley driving skills will help you to get into the safari or the jungle and save the animals from dangerous traps. Collaborate with the police animal rescue and complete the army rescue missions. Once you deliver wild animals, the zoo keeper will secure this pets for this atv trolley pets rescue operation and for the best atv trolley animal rescue games. Your rescue duty will be important for the zoo construction, where animals can live safe. You will do transport carefully the animal to avoid damages to the rescued pet and rescue animal. This animals rescue on atv trolley having trolley cage for safe transport is enjoyable fun. Rescue injured dog for dog rescue game and for the atv quad bike trolley dog rescue. Your atv quad bike will perform as an emergency ambulance for animal rescue. This will test your ATV pet bike driving skills to the maximum. There is a chaotic scene in the city as the dog and other safari animals like lion, tiger, buffalo, bear and more has gotten injured due to an accident. You will have to drive your ATV Trolley ambulance to the accident spot as fast as you can while avoiding the obstacles and hindrances. Once you have reached the spot of accident, the injured animals will be shifted to your animal rescue ambulance, which you will then have to drive to the nearest animal care center. You will have to complete the mission as quickly as possible to save the lives of the animals and pets you are rescuing . And for the rescue of the trapped animals in this wild animals rescue game we have our soldier back and ready to rescue the trapped animals in forest and zoo. Though the atv trolley ambulance games is not specialty to prove the grand rescue operation but you would love the challenge animal rescue games for atv ambulance rescue animals and quad bike ambulance for the atv trolley animal rescue simulator 2019. Your atv trolley ambulance animal rescue duty is just started and you have to perform this animal rescue and transport them to the near veterinary spot as quick as possible.

ATV Trolley Animal Rescue Mission Features:

• First time play with atv quad bike trolley ambulance for pet and animal rescue.
• Stunning rescue simulator with challenging city zoo animals rescue missions.
• 3D real graphics for colorful gameplay.
• Engaging quad bike animal ambulance missions.
• Many different routes across the off-road.
• Full 3D large city and zoo landscape environment.

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