Bank Cash-in-transit Security Van Simulator 2018

Bank Cash-in-transit Security Van Simulator 2018

نسخه ۱.۴
نصب فعال

Play Bank Cash-in-transit Security Van Simulator 2018 & Drive a mega Cash Delivery Van full of Cash. In this Simulator game transport bank cash from main bank branch to other city banks with high security. Get in the cash security van and steer the van full of cash money.

Be alert of Gangsters & Robbers and transfer money safely in this driving simulator.Race to the destination & fill ATM machines with cash. Do not break laws or bump your ride into other buses or vehicles in this Bank Cash-in-transit simulator game. You need to take up the driving simulator challenge to deliver cash money to all the banks in the state. You may pass through downtown streets or city. The police security guard team on ATM's is well trained and equipped with modern weapons in this transport simulator.

Drive the van without fear while transporting Currency notes. You can also perform wild and crazy stunts.Complete the money delivery in the limited time.Complete the driving simulator missions to be a super hero driver in this Cash transport Van driver simulation game.Select the high-speed Van in the garage and speed to protect your money.Take your money to ATM machine of the bank within time. Drive your van simulator fast enough but also with care to survive.


Realistic and 3D environment will give you real feelings of driving Security Vans
Cash Delivery Driving Adventure
Driving with extreme safety
Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting
Awesome Van driving challenge missions

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