Smart Car Wash Service: Gas Station Car Paint Shop

Smart Car Wash Service: Gas Station Car Paint Shop

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Play smart car wash games & gas station parking 2020 to provide car service including washing games, car polish job and vehicle service. Play Smart Cars Wash Service: Gas Station Car Paint Shop and drive luxury cars to get car vacuum or refill at fuel station at the highway car service and repair shop. Enjoy the best gas station car cleaning game with added features of wash car mechanic simulator and sponge car polish customization. Get behind the wheel of muscle cars and drive towards the mechanic station in service car wash games 2020. Drive sports cars to nearby puncture shop car mechanic and change engine oil or flat tires. Spray paint car with color of your choice after wash salon it from mechanic garage. Wash cars inside automatic hand car wash games for servicing car dry cleaning and do exciting car customization. For amazing car services like engine repair & highway service and repair like oil change, car shampoo maintenance park inside the mechanic garage. Drive smart car around nearby puncture shop and park at the highway fuel station games to refill the petrol in car washing games.

Luxury wash cars are arriving in the vehicle service mechanic station for cleanup and car service customization, so you as wash car mechanic have a tough job to do. Get behind the wheel to drive and park super muscle cars at the gas station. The luxury cars are directly coming from dirt racing tracks to auto repair car garage for engine fixing. Entertain yourself and take the smart car in lorry repair garage for inspection and complete engine service in servicing car washing games. Check smart car engine, bumper, alloy wheels and rims to ensure it's clean. Exterior rollover smart car wash salon is automated system where you drive your luxury car inside the nearby puncture shop. Park inside cars wash salon at designated mechanic station. The hand car wash salon moves on a track, performing complete sponge car dry cleaning function, such as applying soap and rinsing like other wash car customization games.

After cleanup at the hand car wash games you will be able to design and customize highway car service and repair the way customers desire from car vacuum mechanic garage. For designing you will be using various vinyl stickers to give incredible look to wash cars just like in servicing car mechanic simulator. Wash cars inside the service car paint shop to change the color and remove stains, rust and scratches. Operate your gas station and complete smart car dry cleaning in service car customization games. The cars wash salon fuel station is fully automatic all you need to do is sponge the amazing car cleaning inside cars wash salon vehicle service and repair games. Tune up police car engine inside the lorry repair shop. The repair shop garage is located next to the amazing car services paint shop at highway gas station games. This lorry repair shop garage is equipped with all the latest sponge car services mechanic simulator tools. This is perfect blend of service car cleaning and wash salon like sports car cleaning and smart car wash games.

Smart Car Wash Service: Gas Station Car Paint Shop 3D Game Features:
Challenging time based luxury car washing, refuel and wash car paint job levels
Multiple muscle car customization: suv, sedan, prado, corvette, limo service
Realistic highway service gas station environment to drive & explore
Ultra realistic police car physics with real v8 engine sounds
Smooth vehicle controls for immersive gameplay

Download Smart Car Wash Service: Gas Station Car Paint Shop now for FREE for all types of servicing car & entertain yourself!

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