Real Highway Speed Car Escape

Real Highway Speed Car Escape

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Real Highway Speed Car Escape is the latest in car stunt games to provide you the excitement of experiencing stunt car challenge obstacles and puzzles in a thrilling stunt driving simulation. You are trapped in a dangerous maze full of destructive obstacles and deadly paths! Race through the hurdles! Escape the portcullis, jump through fiery paths! Fight your way through to survive! You will definitely get enough share of thrill and danger! Speedily dash through spiked gates and vicious obstacles for survival.

A strong, heavy grating that can be lowered down grooves on each side of a gateway to block it is going to stop you for a wreck. Jump through scorching trail! Speed is the only survival. Thrill and danger awaits you! Rush through the spiked obstacles to survive. Slam your car into gear, hit the speed, and drift your way through rush-hour hurdles to leave the death in the dust. Real Highway Speed Car Escape Stunt will give you the real thrill. Jump in the car and race as fast as you can in this obstacles crossing game. Speed up and race in a baffling path, avoiding obstacles. And cross between the obstacles in order to survive as long as you can and leave everyone behind! Race through the hurdles!

★★★ Speed Car Escape Features ★★★

☀ Realistic physics and handling
☀ Select any of the 4 car models
☀ Superb 3D environment
☀ 20 Challenging levels to test driving skills
☀ Driving experience on tough roads
☀ Smooth steering control with realistic physics
☀ Different camera angles that give you more control
☀ Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience
☀ Realistic HD graphics with real physics for best driving experience
☀ Clock is ticking so be as fast as possible

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