US Army Training Camp: Commando Course 2018

US Army Training Camp: Commando Course 2018

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Download this army combats training for free now and enjoy the fun of fitness training. This army training school is pack of addictive and exciting mission. If you love army training course this is perfect for you. You are on the mission to become a great military soldier in this army commando training. Do it in the best possible way and enjoy commando course 2018.Being the commando training you need to work hard to enjoy the US army life. If you clear all the missions of boot camp training then this will be very helpful for you in saving from your enemies. Though this game is tricky and challenging but there is no need to get worry about it. Be the part of army run and get perfection in your running skills. Sablo Games guarantees you that this training is one of the best from army training games.

Here in this game, you will get to know the army battle skills. The story of this armed forces training fever is very much interesting. As you are now parts of the army and you have to pass all the initial training levels. Here you will get to know the army management skills as well as running skills. The levels of this army survival training have been designed according to the perspective of military training. In few missions of soldier skills you need to jump the hurdles. Here you need to be perfect for crops battle that’s why you are required to pass all the army battle skills and have fun. The next few levels you need to work on crawling. In this physical fitness training you have to go for high jump too. The best part of hurdles jumps is that you need to clear in one chance if you do not clear you will fall on spikes. Clear all the levels of commando jump training and enjoy the life of crossing skills.

US Army Training Camp: Commando Course 2018 Features:

★ Challenging Mission of shooting skills
★ Enjoy drill sergeants fun
★ Realistic environment of night combat
★ Smooth controls of US firefighting skills
★ Many hours of free fun
★ Amazing 3D Graphics

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