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Both hands tied up? Too lazy to reach for your phone and check who's trying to reach you? Worry not!!! notifyier brings notifications to you by speaking it out for you.

Whether you're driving a car, riding a bike, going for a run, at office with your headset on, cooking, etc.. notifyier keeps you in the know by speaking notification to you. You get to choose what has to be notified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For issues/support, please mail us using the Feedback option within the app or drop a mail to We can not track and respond to requests posted through reviews.

Speak notifications from apps
Speak caller information
Options to enable/disable notifyier
Lets you enable/disable notifyier for any app installed on your device
Set notifyier to speak notifications only if a headphone or bluetooth device is connected
Set notifyier to speak notifications only if the device screen is turned off
Dismiss any notification by simply waving or hovering your hand over the device
Do-not-disturb during media playback
Option to notify when phone is in silent/vibrate mode

* Every app has different way of creating notification messages. If you would like us to customise notification for an app that you use frequently, please contact us and we will include it in the next release.

* This app requires Notification Access which can be enabled from the system settings.

Privacy: This app does not store or forward any of your private notification data.

Reads notifications
notify read caller info
notify when media plays
notify in silent mode
notify music tracks
notify only for selected apps
notify only if device is asleep

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