Perfect Tie- How To Tie A Tie

Perfect Tie- How To Tie A Tie

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Perfect Tie is the best app that shows you how to tie a tie for all occasions!



Did you ever face the problem of not knowing how to tie a tie? If your answer is yes, then this app is made for you! Perfect Tie is an app which every man will find useful - and tying a tie will never be a problem again! We will turn your problem into a pleasure!


There are many ways to tie a tie. Our free app includes 21 tie knots, all of them are presented in 2 perspectives in 3D High Definition fully animated! The first perspective is front view (mirror effect!) and the second is top down view. We also offer a step by step easy graphic guide per knot showing you in an easy way how to tie your tie.


Why should you use "Perfect Tie - How to tie a tie" instead of other tying a tie apps?


• Free & Easy

---> Free download, full pleasure: tying a tie has just become easy!

---> Great menu design, easy to navigate, fast to find.


• 3D Animated :

---> We show you how to tie a tie in 3D High Definition animations and from different perspectives, front view and top down view.

---> You don’t have to rack your brain about special symbols and schemes with arrows. Our instructions are animated and so easy to follow! Just watch the animation and copy every move to get your tie ready fast.

---> You can repeat the animation of each step to make sure you’ve done the tying correctly.


• Easy guide :

---> Step by Step graphic instructions guide you easily through the process how to tie your tie


• 21 Tie Knots :

--> We are the first app to offer 21 Free & Premium Tie Knots. You will learn such knots as:


Free Knots :

*Atlantic knot : The Atlantic: Unique and exotic.

*Balthus : The rebel of tie knots.

*Cavendish : Pretty thick traditional knot.

*Four in Hand : One of the easiest tie knots ever.

*Grantchester : Bulky knot using a large length of the tie.

*Kelvin : Works nicely with all kinds of ties.

*Manhattan : The knot to be worn on Wall Street.

*Nicky : The italian knot.

*Onassis : The standard tie knot of Greek tycoons.

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