Reaction training

Reaction training

Version 9.7.7
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2024 February 24
Reaction training

Reaction training

Version 9.7.7
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2024 February 24
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Reaction Training: Elevate your mind and reflexes through play!

Harness the power of play with Reaction Training – a game meticulously designed for both fun, test reflexes, and cognitive growth. Whether you're keen on enhancing your reaction speed and time, improving decision-making, or sharpening logical thinking, this educational app is tailored for learners of all ages.

🎓 Educational Benefits:
Cognitive Boost: Improve decision-making, focus, reflexes, information processing, and stress resistance.
Skillful Mastery: Enhance peripheral vision, logical thinking, and reaction time.
Learning Through Play time: Delve into puzzles, memory games, and brain teasers that entertain while they educate.
For All Ages: Suitable for users of all ages, "Reaction Training" game offers family-friendly logic enhancement for improving reflexes.

Key Features:
• Over 45 diverse games targeting various logic skills.
• Adjustable settings for personalized training intensity.
• Comprehensive statistics to monitor your cognitive progress.
• Themes customization for an immersive experience.

Highlighted Exercises:
• Schulte table exercise
• Math challenges
• Sound & Vibration test
• Memory games
• Simple color change level
• Peripheral vision exercise
• Color-text matching training
• Spatial imagination test
• Quick reflex test
• Number ordering level
• Eye memory exercise
• Quick numbers count level
• Number ordering training
• Shake level
• F1 start lights test
• Aiming level exercise
• Spatial imagination reaction time
• Shapes comparing reflex
• Click limit training
• and many more...

All you need is diligence. Train every day, and the result won't be long in coming. You will improve your reaction time, reflexes, and logic.

Remember to practice regularly with these brain teasers to see improvement in your logic abilities and reaction speed. Each exercise of the game is POSSIBLE to pass. Don't give up if you find some exercises challenging, try to think outside the box, turn on your logic and you will succeed!

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محمد مهدی
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Fatemeh Akbary
Fatemeh Akbary