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Mobile Assisted Language Learning is one of the novel ways to learn languages. “Wordplay” is also based on this technology and developed by Saadi Foundation. This software is made to accelerate and facilitate learning Persian.

Addresses: Wordplay is a supplemental educational material for the learners who are willing to enrich their Persian vocabularies as a second or foreign language. Upper-intermediate and advanced Persian learners can use this software to learn many words in the form of correct sentences. The content of this software is not suggested for elementary students but is specially designed for intermediate learners who have preferably studied the book “Persian Vocabulary in Use” by Saadi Foundation.

Software Structure:

Registration: Learners go to the second page after finding Saadi Foundation colophon and the software, then they choose the user-names, passwords and mention their electronic addresses to log into the application users’ system, after that they are provided with the possibility of sending electronic letters to inform the students of their syllabus.

Menu (showing lexical realms): In the next page, the learner finds twelve icons that are related to the lexical realms with their pictures and names; depending on the realm they choose, they watch their activities. (It is worthy of note that the learner should start the game from the first stage, then reach the next stages by unlocking them and coming up with the correct answers). Each lexical realm consists of various stages.

The content of this software is considered for two levels:

The content of the first level is suitable for the pre-intermediate and intermediate learners which consist of 180 words on the whole in twelve lexical realms. Each realm includes 15 5 stages in which learners should find one word. The main target in all stages is teaching vocabularies and measuring word knowledge in the context of the sentence then following the grammatical points in the sentences. At each stage of the game, users find the correct response by getting help from lexical realms, the context of the sentence and the number of blanks including letters and the presented letters in the table.

If the user could not make it to find the word, he (she) have the option to go through the section “help”. In this section, the user loses a lot of scores, and is guided by one of the following three ways:

1)Presenting the word 2) Presenting the English equivalent of the word 3) Presenting the Persian description about the word.

The content of the second level is suitable for the upper-intermediate learners level and higher. The content of this level includes more abstract words as well as more difficult sentences that the learner should put them in the text. In the “help” section, the user is guided by the synonyms, descriptions and explanations about the word.

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