Kids Fun Educational Games 2-8

Kids Fun Educational Games 2-8

Version 3.11.64
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 89 MB
Last Update 2024 May 18
Kids Fun Educational Games 2-8

Kids Fun Educational Games 2-8

Version 3.11.64
Install +500
Category Kids
Size 89 MB
Last Update 2024 May 18
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Fun educational games designed for toddlers, preschool kids, Kindergarten, primary school and family games.

List of the Educational games on the app:

Toddlers Educational Games
• Learn colors for young kids
• Learning Basic Numbers – Learn numbers from 1-9 the basic of math
• Shapes for toddlers - fun learning of shapes and matching
• coloring book - alot of drawing activities to help kids feel more artists.
• Sorting game to help toddlers to learn to identify different patterns
• Mix & Match for babies
• Ballons game - pop the baloons and create as many baloons as your toddler wants
• Imagination for Toddlers - aspire young kids imagination
• Fun coloring for kindergarten kids- 10 different paints for kids to color and have fun painting and coloring while hearing the name of the color.
• Animals games. identify the animal by it's name and sounds, lotto animals find the animal on the big picture and put the small animal on it.
• drag to shadow - alot of shadow puzzles open to play as much as your kids want.
• 2 parts puzzles - jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and young kids agees 2 3 and 4

preschool Educational games
• abc Letters – Learning the alphabet made fun.
• abc Sounds – Develop phonics and learn the phonemes of the alphabet before first grade. might help with dislexia
• Writing Words – get ready for school kids learn to write before learning to read as they can only success on this game and feel smart. the game starts with 2 letters word and get more difficult as kids success. the alghorithem always check the level of writing and reading and will introduce him or her with the next level of writing. it goes up to 6 letters words. preschool children feels anxiety before the first time they write any word and they need to feel smart and compitent.
• Connect the dots- connect the dots to create an image. 40 connecting the dots images. after all the dots connected full image will show.
• What’s Missing? – A challenging game to improve reasoning and intuition in preschool. 100 images where something is missing in the picture, childrens ages 5 like to ask questions and identify missing parts that's way they develop them patern identify ability.
• Counting – An interactive game to improve basic math, this game starting from easy to hard. it starts with counting 3 objects and if the game algorithem identify sucees it will add more objects to count. or subtract to lower number of objects.

Kindergarten Learning games
• Story – develop kids social skills - kindegarten kids start developing friends and social interactions.
• Matrix- expand kids logic ability, find the missing part of the image.
• Series- what is the logical sequence. prepeare kids for basic math on first grade.
• Auditory memory- develop memory.
• Attention game- Improve kids focus and attention for details.

Educational games for 5 years old kids
Hanoi towers- solve the hanoi quiz.
Slide puzzle- improve your logic and predicting.
2048- Improve Math and solving problem ability.
Peg solitiare- Solve this Educational puzzle.
Puzzle - smart jigsaw puzzle
Piano- step by step note by note beginners piano players learn to play basic piano sheets. when the success level is up.
Draw - easy learning to draw step by step

Family offline games for playing together
• getting ready in the morning with timer and happy songs for every action- brushing teeth, get dressed, morning exercise.
• Snakes and Ladders- for kids and parents to play together.
• Emotions Detector- emoji game for kids and parents quality time.
• concentration game for the all family
* Tic-Tac-Toe
* 4 In a row
* Ludo game - this ludo game we have build is suitable for kids learning the basics of programing thinking methods as they have to decide which part they should move when they get 6 on the dice for example.

All the games were created by Shubi Learning Games

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