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Playing harmonica, piano style!
With this app you can easily play the harmonica as possible notes, composing music and songs made their rhythm Bshvnyd then mix and put on it ....!
Just try it.

Among the features of the program:

** 2. Have the ability to write notes, save and edit it and hear automatic launching of notes written by you.
3. Have the ability to record audio and save it.
4. have prepared several pieces of music, including The Godfather, black hair, Turkish Knklh, Haberin Varmi, his song, Ne Aglarsim, Deliloy Destane, Trenn Gelir, Kara Tren, Hele Dadas, Tatar Ramazan and ...
5 has a cheerful rhythm of the rhythm section with more than 30 Azeri, Turkish, port, Iran, etc. (applicable to the tar, sitar, tabla, Tombak)
6. Have the ability to adjust the rhythms sound transposed
Note: The metronome settings can be adjusted automatically run.
7. supports a variety of operating systems and different screen resolution HD for mobile phones and tablets


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