Education violin

Education violin

Version 2
5000 Tomans
Install +2 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 13 MB
Last Update 2016 March 30
Education violin

Education violin

ایمان ایمانی
Version 2
5000 Tomans
Install +2 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 13 MB
Last Update 2016 March 30
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Software Training "violin" first in "Market Cafe Bazar"
To use this software all your loved ones' "Education violin "price We have discount a few days of presentation.
But we will first look at the Violin Training Software to:
1 - Learning music theory and violin:
- To learn music theory.
- Notes and silences know.
- Get to know the amount and weight.
- Learn Violin altering symptoms.
- Investment in violin finger notes used in the know.
- Investment in violin finger notes used in the know.
- Become familiar with the notes of the violin ornament.
- Instead of making a violin finger notes when carrying out on-line.
2 - The initial training Violin:
Become familiar with the components of the violin.
Know the signs violin briefly.
Finger of each 4-wire mode to be used in single mode (normal) to know.
Know the exact fingering of each note.
How to read the signs of change in Iran and classical finger out.
The exact place of each finger in different modes of changing the signage on all 4 wires individually to learn the violin.
Getting to know the correct way violin and bow.
The software also features unique Bfrdyst you whatever you need, we have the presentation of the application of these features:
1 - Knowing The Violin
2 - Violin tricks
3 - Download compartment-violin
4 - FAQ Violin
5 - Picture of Persian classical violinist
A. - including knowledge of the characteristics of the violin:
- What is the flash of a violin?
- Klyfvn how to use
-Padding - the violin and how to use
- The terms and expressions unique to the violin and Complete Guide Signs
- Signs and terminology
- Different size violin
- Draw bow of the violin
- What is studied?
- Position on violin
- Talk about the signs those violin
- Doctor Violin
- Build a violin
- Violin Accessories
- Improvisation and solo row
- Iran devices
And …
B - including features, the violin tricks:
- Trick Training vibration (vibration of a violin)
- Trick tune a violin maker
- Controlling stress is playing a trick
- Trick feeling playing the violin
- Trick strengthen fourth finger
- Finger Trick Investment
- Trick Sdadhy the violin
- Trick to buying a violin
- Trick training
And …
C - including features, download the compartment-violin:
Musical notes are:
- Download Iranian Music, Classical, Turkish and Etude + audio files
- Download the original notes Bijan Mortazavi
Video tutorials include:
- Download tune violin
- Download vibration (vibration)
- Download bow draw different
- Download video tutorials how to draw bow
- Download Video Tutorials How to take violin maker
- Download video clips to make a violin
D - the "Frequently Asked Questions":
You can in the "FAQ" Questions and answers any questions that you may read violin in your mind found the answer in it!
This section can help with many questions about the violin part is.
E - the violinist for:
In this section, read the biographies of Persian style is superior and classical violinist pay.
Resources used in the application:
If the software for your welcome " Education violin" Wait a second, this software tutorial you.

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ali lion
ali lion
بخش دانلود کده اصلا کار نمیکنه..اگه میدونستم این موضوع رو اصلا پنج هزار تومان رو پرداخت نمیکردم
عزیز این قسمت دانلود کده ش خرابه
آقا چرا نسخه جدید و کامل تر ارايه نمی دید؟؟