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bağlama çal

Version 9.0
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شبیه ساز بسیار زیبای ساز باغلاما با صدایی کاملا واقعی

Great simulator Bağlama instrument with absolutely real sound.

Visit playing this instrument by this Application with above pistures.

Special Update Version 9.0

Applecation facility:

•perform Bağlama(Electronic and real)

•Able to use theme sound and equality by keman and Ney.

•It contains 30 wonderful , all_purpose and unique rythm.

•It contains several symbols as(cheering,thunderbolt and clapping)

•Plectrum ability

•Voice recording ability

•Multitouch ability

•Regulate possibility for left handed and right handed person

•tempo upgrade possibility(slow or fast)

•Sounds and brightness balance in application

•Perfect discribtion and history of Baglama

•The best popular turkish artists selected canon and the most popular Baglama player-Ahmad Coch- and the other mosician

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