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In this program, more than 700 pieces of pure and beautiful piano collection of the best pianists in the world and is classified for you. (No need to completely offline, no internet).
You can select a list of all the pieces are in Persian and English as well as you.
During playback, the piece notes are quite real and you will be exhibited at the same time..
The virtual piano sound can be changed to 64 different instruments!
Note: This program is free for trial and demo mode, only the first part of Section 10 of the Iranian part is free.
And to use all content must be paid within the stated purchase.
* Note: This program is suitable for devices with Android 3.0 and above
Among the musicians who have their part in the program include:
Iranian plot
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann Sebastian Bach
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Frederic Chopin
Johannes Brahms
Franz Joseph Haydn
Franz Schubert
George Frideric Handel
Wilhelm Richard Wagner
Muzio Clementi
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Albion Alexander Prfyryh Brvdyn
Claude-Achille Debussy
Robert Schumann
Richard Clayderman

Picture -Hmchnyn all players in the program is given.

Among the features of the program:
1. Over 700 beautiful piano pieces from the world's best pianists. (Completely offline mode without the internet)
2. Net operating segment display during playback completely coincide.
3. The ability to change the sound of the piano virtual instrument with 64 different settings!
4. a complete biography of all musicians
5. The full list is available in 2 languages: English and Persian.
6. Advanced settings to change the sound of the piano, the performer dramatic change colors, change the playback speed, the key notes and ...
7. The ability to search for files on the SD card to play the piano (mid)
8. The ability to store notes as part of a very high quality picture on your device.
9 - are favorites to add to your favorite piece.
10 - completely Persian Persian mechanism without any support from xHD dpi
, ...
Resources used:

key : piano - note - claasic - ringtone - classic - dream

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