Reading - TOEFL® Prep Tests

Reading - TOEFL® Prep Tests

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Reading - TOEFL® Prep Tests

Reading - TOEFL® Prep Tests

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نسخهٔ ۲.۰
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Reading - TOEFL® Preparation Tests

TOEFL® Reading Test app makes it easy to improve TOEFL® Reading score for its users who aiming for a high score in TOEFL® Reading. With TOEFL® Reading Test app, you can study for FREE with our questions, practice tests, vocabulary, and score reports with solutions. Best of all, you can access these features anywhere and anytime when you download our app.

TOEFL® Reading Test application has following features:

Interactive Tests
Questions and Answers
Score Calculation
User Friendly
Works Offline
Optimized for Mobile & Tablets

🔴 TOEFL® Reading Introduction
The reading section is the first section of the TOEFL® iBT test. It tests your ability to read and answer questions at an academic level. It contain 3-4 passages with each passage containing 12-14 questions for a total of 36-56 questions. Each passage is generally 600 to 700 words long. You'll have 60-80 minutes in which to finish this section.
When you are taking the reading test, you can skip answers and come back to them later. You can come back and change your answers at any time during the reading testing period.

🔴 Reading Difficulty Level
The TOEFL® reading difficulty level is equivalent to an introductory undergraduate university textbook. Most of the passages' context is North American, but you may also see some international contexts from United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The passages cover a wide range of topics such as
● Social science including anthropology, economics, psychology, urban studies, and sociology
● Science and technology including astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering
● History, government, biography, geography, and culture
● Art including literature, painting, sculpture, drama, and architecture

Even though the reading passages can be difficult to understand, you don't necessarily have to understand it all. By learning the strategies to answer each reading question type, you can get a high TOEFL® score without fully understanding the reading passage. The first thing you need to learn are the different types of TOEFL® reading question types.

🔴 TOEFL® Reading Question Types
There are three Reading question types: Multiple Choice, Inserting a Sentence, and Reading to Learn. They can be broken down into 10 different reading question types:

● Vocabulary
● Reference
● Inference
● Purpose
● Negative Factual Information
● Essential Information
● Detail
● Sentence Insertion
● Complete the Summary
● Complete the Table

🔴 Scores
TOEFL® iBT Reading section are based on question types where the correct answers are pre-defined. That allows this section to be scored automatically, without any human interference, and then the score is converted to 0-30 scale.

Study anywhere and anytime and get the desired band score in the TOEFL® reading test! The app works well both online and offline.

Download now and start your preparation for TOEFL® today!
Our team wishes you success in the preparation and taking TOEFL® exam!

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